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When you, or your love ones are sick, you will need to quickly decide where you want to seek medical help.  For most, getting to the nearest clinic is probably the top most criteria.  Who wants to travel another 45 minutes to see a doctor when you are feeling sick- no one for sure.  If you decide to go for urgent care treatment, there are a few things you need to know.

24 Hrs Round The Clock Medical Care

The opening hours of most urgent care clinics are longer than the traditional medical clinic.  However, they are not open 24 hours in most of the locations.  Patients should check the opening hours of the clinics when they can do so.

Accidents and critical medical conditions can happen anytime to anyone. There is no way that anyone can schedule an appointment when it happens. Immediate medical attention is required to handle such situation. Medical help can be limited when such situations happen during the night or early morning hours. It can also be difficult to try and find a nearby urgent care clinic with doctors in duty. Here at UrgentCareNearMe.me, you can you locate the nearest urgent care centers for round the clock help.

Find Nearby Urgent Clinic That Open Now

Find round the clock immediate care service center nearest to you now.  The listed clinics are opened 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Free Help To Locate Urgent Care Facilities And Review

Free online service to quickly search and locate urgent care facilities from our growing directory listings, currently at 10, 127 of them. All the doctors and clinics listed here at the various locations near you are verified. You can also provide your own review and rating for each of the listings to help others to make an informed decision.

What Is The Urgent Care Cost

How much does it cost for each visit to such clinic? The reality is that most of these immediate care medical centers are operated by individuals and businesses. Their charges range from $200 to $500. The costs can be higher if the service involves surgery, ultrasound or X-rays

What Is Urgent Care

It is different from the traditional doctors that you see. Most traditional clinics and doctors do not offer extended hours medical care. As of today, there are only about 36% of the doctors in the whole of the United States that choose to offer their service beyond the standard hours. Urgent care helps fill this gap.

Urgent care is for you if you have an illness, or suffered from minor injuries that need immediate medical attention, however, the condition is not severe enough to go to emergency room.  This kind of care centers is particularly useful when your family doctor or pediatrician are closed or away for holiday.  You can usually do a walk-in 24 hrs without any appointment.  It is also a lot cheaper than going to the emergency room.

But if the illness or injury is life-threatening, then please call 911 or the local emergency number and get to the emergency center immediately.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who needs urgent medical help after the standard hours but do not require any emergency room care. Urgent care center provides extended hours help and is usually located in the most part of the country that is close to you.

How to choose the nearest location

Urgent care clinics are owned by different people/organizations and therefore have different services and types of doctors. Some centers offer x-rays, and ultrasound and some only offer standard medical help. The locations are also different. You need to consider the type of help you need and the location you want. The listing here will be able to help you navigate and find the right urgent care unit near you.


If you have insurance, the clinics will allow you to pay only a portion of the consultancy and treatment during your visit.  But if you are uninsured, urgent care clinic will still allow you to walk-in and seek treatment.  However, do note that urgent care centers do not allow any payment plans.  You need to pay the full amount during your visit.  This is different from emergency care.


The price for urgent care clinic varies.  The average price is between $70 to $150 for non complex case.

When Not To Use Urgent Care Room

If you suffer from life threatening situation such as heart attack, stroke, severe bleeding, head injury and trauma- go to the ER immediately.






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