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The Medical Professionals At An Urgent Care Facility Can Treat More Than Scratches

Urgent Care Facility Near Me

It may be a habit, but many times people seek out certain services from medical facilities that require them to wait for long periods of time when they could have simply visited an urgent care facility near me. These types of care facilities employ medical personnel who are highly qualified and trained to meet your medical needs.

Doctor And Nurses At Urgent Care

Keep in mind that the physicians that are employed by these facilities are subject to the same responsibilities and ethics as physicians in other medical settings. They are qualified to treat you for your injuries and medical problems. These physicians have to keep up with the latest advancements and changes in the medical and healthcare industry by taking continuing education classes and other requirements.

In the event that a patient requires emergency care, the physician will take the proper actions and then refer the patient to another facility that is best suited to treat injuries that are more severe.


An urgent care facility is generally located in communities where patients may not live near a medical facility like a hospital, but still require a place to go so they can have expedient access to medical care. This make these type of centers an ideal option for those who have injuries that non-life threatening like sprains and colds.

Urgent Care Services

However, the nearby urgent care services offered at this type of facility are not limited to earaches, flu symptoms and abrasions. In fact, these are the facilities that many people choose to go to for medical treatment for:

  • Removal of stitches
  • Animal bites
  • Lacerations
  • Wound care
  • Follow up evaluations

It is mandatory in many sectors that employees and students have certain vaccines. You no longer have to wait for months to secure an appointment with your doctor to get the necessary immunizations. A facility that provides immediate medical care with no appointment necessary can administer the immunizations you need in half of the time.

They also provide physicals that patients need in order to participate in sports or obtain employment.

Laboratory Testing

TB (Tuberculosis) and drug screenings are also available at these facilities. These services are often provided without the need for making an appointment, and this is beneficial for those who work as:

  • Firefighters
  • Police officers
  • Nurses
  • Emergency responders

When a person becomes injured or exposed to bacteria, viruses or other types of hazards while on the job, they can get immediate medical assistance that can be critical in treating the ailment.

This type of medical facility also performs lab tests. For example, if a physician orders a potassium level lab test or routing lab work, these types of facilities can perform the tests in less time than a doctor’s office or hospital.

Insurance companies often require drug and alcohol screenings for employees who get injured while on the job. These tests can affect the outcome of an injury claim, so it is important they are conducted as quickly as possible.

Urgent Care Clinic As Alternative

An urgent care facility is an alternative for those who need medical treatment for injuries that are not severe. They also provide other important services like immunizations and lab testing, and these faculties provide services that are quicker and more convenient than emergency rooms.

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