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What To Expect During Your Visit To An Urgent Medical Center If You Suspect The Flu

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Oh, no… You’re sick to your stomach and can’t stop sweating. You think you might have the flu.

What is the best thing for you to do? You don’t want to just wait and do nothing because you really don’t have time to be sick right now.

An urgent medical center may be able to help you out.

If you’re thinking you may need the assistance of urgent care, keep reading to see what to expect when you arrive.

What Is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is meant to be for people that have an immediate medical need, but it is not severe enough that you need to be seen in the emergency room.

For instance, the flu is something that isn’t life-threatening in almost all cases, so it is fine to go to urgent care for something like that. If you had a gunshot wound or accidentally cut off a toe, the emergency room is absolutely the place you need to be.

A lot of people like to use urgent care because it may be closer than their regular doctor office or the regular doctor they see may be on vacation. In situations like that, an urgent care center is capable of being extremely helpful.

Urgent care centers are also going to be open for extended hours. If you happen to hurt yourself in the middle of the night or feel like something is wrong, but not life-threatening, an urgent care center will be open and able to see you. It is likely that your regular doctor office would not be open at those types of hours.

Another big benefit is that urgent care is cheaper than the emergency room. If you don’t need the emergency room, you shouldn’t be forced to pay those steep prices.

How Does an Urgent Medical Center Work?

It is hard to know what to expect at urgent care if you have never been before.

The first thing that always happens is they will check you in for your visit and ask you to provide some additional information. Be sure that you bring:

  • A photo ID
  • Proof of health insurance (if being used)
  • Any medical history or allergy information
  • Any current medications you are taking

This will help the process go much more smoothly if all of this information is provided and ready to go from the beginning. If you are a minor coming in with a parent, your parent should be the one that brings in their ID and health insurance information.

After filling out the necessary registration paperwork and providing the needed documents listed above, you will be able to pay your visit fee if it is applicable.

That’s it! After that, you will wait for someone to call you in and help you with your symptoms.

Treating Symptoms for the Flu

A professional will consider your medical history, your symptoms, and results of a physical exam.

After this, a diagnosis will be made that states you actually do have influenza. This will be done after all swab tests and other necessary actions have been done to make a confirmative decision.

The tests performed will confirm the influenza virus and if so, you will likely get prescribed some medications to take that are antiviral. Going sooner rather than later will make it easier on your body because you can get those medications faster.

In addition to this, they likely will give you some quick information on how to prevent yourself from contracting the virus again in the future.

How Long Does This Take?

Most urgent care centers have a policy of getting people in and out of the center within an hour.

The idea of the urgency behind these centers show that they want to do a thorough job helping you, but they don’t want to hold you there for no reason. Getting things done quickly is the name of the game.

If you plan to visit an urgent care center, know that you likely will be there for up to an hour, but it is unlikely that it will take longer than that unless something abnormal is going on.

Should I Just Walk-In?

A lot of clinics are capable of accepting people that show up without an appointment, but you can always call urgent care beforehand if you want to make sure they are able to fit you in.

You also will find that urgent care for the flu is a common reason people use these types of facilities, so you definitely won’t be alone in going to get some help.

If you don’t have time to call or feel like you just want to show up, that’s perfectly okay as long as the clinic accepts walk-in visits.

Ready to See a Professional?

Now that you know more about how an urgent medical center operates and what you may expect after visiting one, you can see it isn’t so scary after all.

If you have the flu and want to get that diagnosis fast, it will help you to see someone at an urgent care facility.

Not only will you be able to confirm that you actually have influenza, but you will also be able to get on medications that help you feel better in less amount of time.

There are thousands of urgent care centers across the country, so let us help you find one close to you that will help you with the flu. Check out what we are about and see if we can help you today.

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